Zero Tobacco TAAT Cigarettes Flavor Review

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TAAT is a perfect alternative that seems very much like regular cigarette but with unique ingredients and an appealing smell that makes your smoking ritual gratifying. It is a product that is developed in America from plants grown by American farmers.

It allows you to do your old stuff in a new and satisfactory way. Absolutely your own way, and as you’ve ever desired, your harmless preference came just in time. You don’t have to do something different. Still the old way – smoothly roll your paper, quietly watch it burn, consciously inhale the beautiful scent from your what even tastes like Marlboro gold tobacco free cigarettes.

TAAT is a product that understands your fear of addiction and gives you a satisfying smoking experience. It contains zero Nicotine and zero Tobacco that means you can stay away from your biggest fear – addiction. Even though it does not contain tobacco, it is still designed to offer you the exact taste of your regular tobacco cigarette. Never to be smoked by anyone under 21.

Just like a traditional cigarette, the TAAT comes in a pack containing 20 sticks. The pack is also your regular flip-top box, but with the company inscription on it. 

Meanwhile, unlike what you’re used to, you will be smoking a product that is 100% organic hemp and water. Plus a blend of 100% FDA-approved food-grade ingredients with the same tobacco flavor as Marlboro gold. You won’t have to stress over cutting down on harmful and addictive Nicotine. TAAT is absolutely free from this. 

It also contains up to 20% CBD potential per stick with less than 0.2% THC. Meaning you’re less likely to get harmed.

What is even more interesting is that you can choose from a variety of flavor options. Try something even better each time. Here are some of the flavors TAAT offers:

  • TAAT SMOOTH made for your relaxation. It comes with a lighter taste but when inhaled, keeps you chilled and calm. If you prefer lighter-tasting cigarettes, this smooth silky version was created just for you. It has a rich, velvety flavor that is ideal for those who prefer lighter cigarettes such as Marlboro Gold, American Spirit Yellow, or Pall Mall Blue.
  • TAAT MENTHOL offers you a unique minty freshness. It’s has been found to be the most popular product in the collection. This is also one of their most popular flavors, which is understandable given how many people enjoy a strong menthol flavor. The menthol combination provides a minty burst of freshness that you will enjoy. For smokers who enjoy Newport, Marlboro Menthol, and Kool cigarettes.
  • While TAAT ORIGINAL gives you a big bold original flavor. When inhaled, it awakens all your senses. If you like Marlboro Red, Winston, or American Spirit Blue, you can expect the same rich flavor experience from this TAAT original.

It could be safe to say that the TAAT is everything you have ever desired with regards to smoking, but in one amazing product. 

Smokers have just got something more satisfying to enjoy. You don’t have to quit smoking if you don’t want to. Simply smoke differently! You’ll love every bit of it to the fullest, and you can bet on that.

You can go ahead and order your tobacco-free TAAT for only $6.99. Visit and follow the steps below to get this promising product.

  • First, you specify your favorite flavor
  • Then you proceed to CHECK OUT

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