The Most Popular Nicotine-Free Cigarettes Available Today

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This is not another article about vape devices and how they have become a worthy alternative to traditional cigarettes. We’re going to tell you about actual cigarettes that taste and feel like the real deal even though they do not contain nicotine. One of the reason why people may have a hard time quitting cigarettes, other than the obvious nicotine addiction, is that they miss the “ritual” of smoking. The ritual of packing your smokes, rolling up the new paper between your fingers, and puffing it. TAAT is a nicotine free tobacco cigarette brand that is taking the market by storm. TAAT’s  plant-based Beyond Nicotine sticks offer the best of both worlds. 

What Exactly Is A TAAT?

TAAT offers you zero nicotine and zero tobacco options for you to enjoy your favorite experience without worries. In the literal sense, it is wrong to refer to this product as cigarettes since they do not contain tobacco or nicotine. However, they are crafted to give you the same experience of smoking a traditional cigarette.

TAATs, as they are mostly called, are made with 90% high-quality hemp. The remaining 10% is water and food-grade additives to create the natural flavor of tobacco. TAATs are an innovative product that transcends the boundaries of regular tobacco smoking. They look like a regular cigarette, they burn with the same crackling sound, they smell just like a regular cigarette, they have that tobacco taste, and best of all is that you can hold them in the same way as a regular cigarette.

How Are TAATs Made?

TAAT’s mission is to develop a product that presents tobacco smokers with a unique and worthwhile option to make it easier for them to quit smoking tobacco.

Each TAAT is perfectly designed using a mixture of hand-made and engineered processes. The process begins with American farmers selecting hemp plants that meets TAAT’s specifications. The plant material is processed in their Las Vegas facility to remove any debris from the field. This results in a clean, homogeneous raw product that has uniform moisture content. The hemp planets milled to a uniform consistency, they are then moved to the treatment stage where a proprietary additive is blended at up to 5%.  

What Else You Should Know

TAAT cigarettes come in three distinct flavors: Original, Menthol, and Smooth. They are actually much cheaper than a traditional cigarette. You can buy a pack of TAATs for $6.99 on Trytaat. Best of all is that they even offer a free pack. Simply choose your preferred flavor, proceed to checkout, enter the promo code “FREEPACK”, and enjoy the true taste of freedom.

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