TAAT Smooth Cigarette Review

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If you are a big fan of a mild and smooth smoking experience, then you will enjoy smoking TAAT Smooth. This cigarette offers the pleasant, relaxing experience that is similar to smoking Marlboro Gold hemp smokes, but without tobacco or nicotine. The light flavor is peculiar. This is one of the top-selling smokes from TAAT

Each TAAT smooth pack is made of natural, non-addictive ingredients. About 90% of each TAAT stick is hemp sourced from reputable farmers who adhere to strict cultivation techniques. Each stick of TAAT contains over 25% CBD and less than 2% THC. The other ingredients in this hemp cigarettes are water and food-grade ingredients. TAATs are made to mimic the taste, flavor, and overall experience of traditional cigaettes. TAATs contain zero MCT oil and zero Vitamin A acetate. TAAT offers a nicotine-free experience without having to compromise on the rituals of cigarette smoking. 

Each pack of TAAT Smooth contains 20 sticks of hemp cigarettes. The pack has the same flip-tip design as tobacco cigarettes. Each stick consists of a filtered tip, FSC branded paper, and a Beyond Tobacco filter. TAAT cigarettes are tested by a third-party lab before they hit the shelves. You can access the lab reports by scanning the QR code on the pack. 


Each pack of TAAT Smooth is going for $6.99, while a carton retails at $59.99. 

Ease of use

It is easy to use the TAAT cigarettes. All you have to do is open the flip-top pack and take out one stick. Light it and start smoking. The experience is the same as smoking regular cigarettes in terms of feel, smell, and flavor. 

TAAT cigarettes have outstanding online reviews. Numerous consumers have termed the products as revolutionary and effective in helping them combat cigarette addiction. 

How to purchase TAAT cigarettes

Ordering from TAAT Beyond Nicotine is a straightforward process. The site is fast and the interface is easy to navigate. Additionally, the website content is neatly organized to make the overall experience as seamless as possible.

To make an order, visit the website and click on your preferred product (TAAT Smooth Pack in this case). Select the number of packs you need and check out. Here, you will be provided with the option of signing up/creating an account. Provide your personal and billing information and make the purchase. TAAT Beyond Nicotine offers free shipping for all orders above $40 (Terms and conditions apply). Shipping and delivery take 2-5 days. You can also buy TAAT cigarettes wholesale from the trytaat.com online store.  The company began distributing its products wholesale in 2020 and has substantially penetrated its target market. Gradually, it has become one of the leading distributors of alternative smoking products in North America and Canada. 

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