Ripple Pod by Wellon Tech Review

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Wellon Tech has released a vaping device called Ripple. It looks like a pod with a removable tank. The device comes with skin-sensing technology and a powerful battery.


You’re right, the Ripple does look like a USB stick. That is why this Wellon device is a perfect discreet vape kit. It is not as small as a vape pen, but it’s close to it. If you’re traveling on a bus or train, the Ripple is perfect for vaping during stops. You have four color choices for this device: Black, Silver, Champagne Gold, and Rose Gold.


Skin-Sensing Technology

One of Ripple’s greatest selling points is the skin-sensing technology.  This is not a new feature in vaping. There’s a tiny silver panel on each side of the mouthpiece. To fire the device up, both sides must make contact with your lips. This is a safety feature in case of accidental contact in your pocket or hand. You need to have the mouthpiece tucked in your lips for it to work.


You can use Ripple for mouth-to-lung or direct lung vaping. But it works best for MTL vaping.

The biggest advantage of Ripple is its compact size. It’s portable enough that you can hide it in your bag or pocket. You can use your hand to conceal it. That is how small this thing is. The throat hit is okay too. This vape pod will not give you huge clouds of vapor.  The Ripple is perfect for vapers who want to be vape discreetly.


The Ripple works best with e-liquids that have a VG/PG ratio of 50/50. MAX VG e-liquids do not work well with this device.

Pods and Refill

The magnets are supposed to keep the pods secured in the chamber. But sometimes you have to shake it a bit first to fit in. Fortunately, refilling the Ripple pod is easy. To refill it, slide the pod out of the chamber. Take the black mouthpiece off by simply pulling it out. Afterward, unscrew the silver top.

The center section of the pod goes straight down the coil. The refilling holes are on the side. This allows you to refill the e-juice without making much of a mess. After filling it up, screw the silver top back, return the mouthpiece, and then slot back the chamber.  Check the current level of your e-juice via the side window of the Ripple.


Personally, my Ripple lasted for more than a month before I had to replace it. Although this is a MTL device, it is quite good. I don’t vape all the time only when I go out. I think it’s doubtful that the pod will last long if it is used regularly. The Ripple simply doesn’t have enough battery power to last long hours of vaping. But it’s really useful when you need a quick vape when you’re out of the home or work.  Since vaping with this device, I have yet to experience any burning taste or weird flavor.


The Ripple is a vape pod that you can carry around undetected.  Although it is made of plastic, the device is quite sturdy. Even if you drop it, there’s no risk of smashing anything.  It’s not as powerful as the regular vape mod, but it is more portable. If you like to give the Ripple a try or have a few questions, check out the Wellon Tech website.

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