Medusa THC-P Disposable Vape Device Review

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THC-P is more or less one of the most recent discoveries in the cannabis industry, and today it is not only possible for you to learn about it but also possible for you to try it on your way out. The Medusa THC-P disposable vape device harnesses this powerful cannabinoid to deliver a tasty experience that would leave you with a potent high.

What is THC-P?

THC-P stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, which is also known as (-)-Trans-9-tetrahydrocannabinol in scientific terms. It’s a natural cannabinoid and THC analogue found in various cannabis strains. This substance is thought to be 33 times more than THC, resulting in a strong and overpowering euphoric high. If that’s what you’re after, Medusa’s disposable vape device is a perfect choice.

About The Disposable Device

The Medusa THC-P disposable vape device’s appearance is clearly something that stands out. It has a pretty simple and classy design, along with a flat, ergonomic mouthpiece.¬†

You won’t have any trouble holding it in your hand for lengthy periods of time or tucking it away in your pocket because of its attractively rounded sides.

Medusa THC-P disposables do not have any buttons because it is draw-activated. The manufacturer’s logo, the flavor name, and a few other details are printed on the body of the device. It has a USB charging port on the bottom for charging the battery when it runs out.

Flavor Availability 

Medusa THC-P disposables are available with different flavors including:

  • Apples & Bananas (Hybrid)
  • Black Cherry Gelato (Indica)
  • Sour Tangie (Sativa)

With THC-P, Dosage Is Indeed Important

The effects of THC-P are essentially identical to THC, but it is more powerful. If you are a recreational user, then you are bound to get strong highs thanks to the potency. If you are giving it a try for the first time, you may want to observe the general rule of thumb when it comes to cannabis consumption which is to start slow and gradually increase your dose depending on how you feel.

The ingredients in Medusa THC-P disposable vape device are sourced from 100% legal hemp that is sourced from reputable farms, and the product contains less than 0.3% of THC. This means that it not only conforms to the 2018 Farm Bill, but also that you would not have to bother about the downsides of delta-9 THC. 

Availability and Pricing

The Medusa THC-P disposable contains 1 gram of the THC-P formula. You can buy this device on for only $19.99.

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