LUX Pod Systems by Wellon Tech Review

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I just bought the LUX vape pod by Wellon Tech. Upon opening the box, I found the newly bought vaping device. I got the version with champagne gold color. There is also a version with rose gold, silver, and black color. The LUX doesn’t have any fancy design. However, it is still quite stylish.

Inner Workings

The Wellon Tech LUX is a new vape pod that comes with two refillable cartridges. Each cartridge has a ceramic coil.  This is responsible for giving you rich flavor and thick vapor. The ceramic coil can last for three or four heavy vaping sessions. You know you need to change it when you start getting a weird taste. The cartridge and base are secured with a strong magnetic connection. But it is very easy to detach.

Product Specs

The Wellon Tech LUX pod is quite small. It measures 95mm x 19mm x 11mm and weighs 22grams. Of course, it’s a little bit heavier when filled up, but you’ll hardly notice the difference. The pod comes with a powerful 450mAh battery that takes just two hours to recharge. The cartridge can hold 1.2ml of e-juice. Aside from the main device, the kit also includes one micro USB charger and an extra replaceable cartridge.

Usage and Refilling

The pod has a plastic body which allows you to check the e-juice level. The cartridge is secured by two magnet contacts. To remove it from the pod, just pull it upward.

Before filling it up, take out the battery and pull out the mouthpiece. Some of the e-juice may spill out of the mouthpiece, so get a hand towel ready. Before and after filling up the cartridge, wipe off any excess e-liquid. If you don’t, any remaining vape juice outside the cartridge can result in a gurgling sound.

Once you get hold of the cartridge, you’ll see three holes at its bottom. The center hole is the airflow hole. Don’t put your e-juice here. Instead, the holes on each side are the ones you need to use to refill. You’ll know when it is full because the cartridge has a transparent side. Remove any excess fluid around the hole and cartridge by wiping it out with a towel.

Once you’ve wiped it clean of any excess e-juice, return the mouthpiece. You’ll know that the pod is in good working order when the light flashes the blue color. The Wellon Tech manual says that you only have to wait for two minutes before you can start vaping. But it’s better to wait from five to ten minutes before using the device. This is to allow the e-juice to saturate into the coil properly.


LUX is a portable device that powered by a 450mAh battery. For recharging, you’re provided with a USB charger. The cable is not that long. Fortunately, it’s a flat wire that won’t twist up. The manual recommends a maximum of two hours charging time. But surprisingly, recharging takes less than that. The LED light on the body of the device also serves as a battery life indicator. When the light is showing blue, it is time to plug it in. If it is dark blue, you still have enough juice for vaping. You’ll know that the LUX vape pen is fully charged once the LED light is green.


Wellontech designed the LUX with portability in mind. This is the perfect device for vaping discreetly. You can carry it anywhere, and it is durable enough for continuous vaping. It has a battery that’s powerful enough to last for a few hours of heavy use. Despite its simple design, the LUX is a stylish vape pen won’t embarrass you.

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