Esco Bars Mesh & Mega Disposable Vape Review

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The popularity of disposable vapes continues to rise due to their innovative features, design, small size, and specialization. West Coast Vape Supply provides you with disposable vapes pre-filled with an e-liquid.

Esco Bar disposable vapes offer an alternative solution to nicotine requirements. These bars have a cylindrical curved design, superior material, and solid structure. Specialization of the pen prevents the accidental escape of vape juice while enhancing comfort and convenience when carried in the palm or the pocket.


Demand for disposable vapes continues to rise globally because of their features, design, and specialization. These devices are easy to carry and use because they are non-rechargeable, have single-use features, and are small in size. The current lifestyle changes and vaping upgrades have enhanced the popularity of Esco Bars.


Product Description


The Esco bar brand includes the Esco Bars Mega and Esco Bars Mesh Disposable vapes.


The Esco Bars Mega disposable vape: The device is armed with an internal battery of 600mAh, a nicotine concentration of 5%, 14ml e- juice capacity, and 5000 puffs.


Esco Bar Mesh Disposable Vape: This device has a nicotine strength of 50 mg and holds 6ml of vape juice. The pen is powered by a battery of 1000mAh and lasts up to 2500 puffs.


Customers enjoy the uninterrupted experience, premium vaping performance, and thick vapor formation. The Esco bar vape has a rechargeable feature and can be recharged using a type C USB charger. This way, you do not have to worry about losing your favorite flavor, and you can enjoy the vape to the last puff.


Benefits Esco Bars Mesh & Mega Disposable Vape


The Esco Bars Mesh & Mega Disposable vape is a fantastic innovation in the market with features that fit your nicotine cravings. Recharge ability means that you can enjoy vaping to the last e-juice. The device offers hassle-free, longevity, boosted performance, and uninterrupted vaping. The mesh coil helps in delivering a thick vapor. The nipple-shaped mouthpiece further enhances efficiency and is well rounded, enhancing vapor’s easy draw. The battery only runs when inhaled in the mouthpiece.

The team at West Coast Vape Supply understands your needs and offers Esco Bars Mesh and Mega Disposable Vape that are a unique and perfect taste to meet your nicotine craving needs. The mesh coil helps in providing the perfect ratio of flavors, which makes the device satisfying to use. You enjoy abundant flavors like bubblegum ice, lemon mint, blueberry menthol, ice cola, strawberry banana, guava ice, orange soda, pineapple ice, double apple mint, strawberry mint, cool mint, clear, raspberry lemonade, and peach ice, which give you a rich and unique vaping experience. Besides physical features, Esco bar devices are easy to use, an excellent smoker alternative, and a great option for beginners. Moreover, they are affordable, and you do not need to purchase other devices as everything is packaged in the disposable ready-to-go package. Customers can purchase Esco bars at our online store, West Coast vape supply, starting from $12.99 per unit.



Esco Bars Mesh and Mega Disposable Vape provide you with excellent performance. The design enhances mouth-to-lung vaping. When you feel a waning of flavors, the battery is low. You can put it on the power and get back to vaping within 10 to 30 minutes. The mesh coil ensures that you enjoy the last puff.

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