Cloud Chasing 101: Some Easy Cloud Tricks

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Vaping is fun. If you’re a vaper, you can impress your friends and family with some cloud tricks. In this post, we will look at some techniques behind some of the coolest vape tricks. These tricks are easy to learn, but they require lots of practice to master. There are many tutorial videos on platforms like YouTube that you can also check out.

The O-Ring

This cloud trick is a must if you want to progress and learn more complicated tricks. All beginners have to learn how to do O-rings.

  • Inhale some vapor as you would normally do when vaping.
  • Pout your mouth in the right shape of an ‘O’ – almost like someone yawning. You’ll need to find your own technique and it takes lots of practice.
  • Then, blow the vapor out of your mouth gradually in breaks like you are slowly coughing.

The Bull Ring

Once you’ve mastered the O-ring, you will easily be able to do the bullring. This involves creating an O-ring that appears to be attached to your nose, just like the ring around the nose of a bull. To perform this all you need to do is to make an O-ring. Then with your nose, inhale part of the ring so that the rest is left hanging giving the impression that it is attached to your nose.

The Tornado

The tornado is one of the best┬ábeginners vape tricks. It is very easy to learn. You need to blow a large amount of vapor on the surface of a table. This trick requires lots of vapor so you should use an e-juice with a high ratio of vegetable glycerin. The hard part is to blow the vapor on the middle of the table without having it disperse away. Hence, you can’t do the trick outdoor or where there is a breeze.

To do the tornado, you have to place your head on the same height as the table and slowly blow out the vapor. You’ll notice the vaper linger on the surface of the table. Then, use your hand to slowly swoop the vapor from the side until you reach the middle and pool lift your hand as if you were giving a high five to someone. That’s it.

The Waterfall

The waterfall is a very cool trick to master and impress your friends. This is also a very easy trick. In fact, anyone can perform it without much practice. All you need to do is to blow lots of vapor on a bottle. Let the vapor settle for a few seconds then just pour it out onto the table from a few inches of height. It will seem just like pouring water on the┬átable instead it’s going to be vapor.

There are many other cool tricks that you can learn. You need to practice a lot to master these tricks. However, once you’ve mastered them, you can start doing more advanced tricks. Some other popular cloud tricks that you may be interested in learning are ghost inhale, dragon, waterfall, vapor bubble, tornado, liquid mist, bane and French inhale. All these are beginner-level cloud tricks.

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