Berry Blow Doe E-Liquid by Humble Juice Review

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Bubblegum vape juices are so popular that a lot of e-liquid makers have joined the bandwagon. However, not every bubblegum e-liquid is exceptional. Some fall short of expectations.

Humble Juice makes some of the best vape liquids out there. And Berry Blow Doe is not an exception. This vape juice has the taste of a delicious bubblegum f. Each hit gives you the incredible taste of a fresh piece of berry-infused bubblegum.

Read on for an in-depth review of this vaping liquid. At the end of this write-up, I hope I can help you decide whether or not this bubblegum e-juice from Humble Juice is worth a shot. Ready?

Berry Blow Doe is “an explosion of taste that awakens childhood memories. This flavor is a mouthwatering, bubblegum lollipop infused with blueberry and raspberry flavoring. You’ll make a popping statement carrying this juice with you. You’ll be a sucker without it!”

The instant I vaped this, I know that this vape juice was crafted to provide vapers with the nostalgic taste of bubblegum. I am certain you can recall the pure bliss of unwrapping and chewing your favorite bubblegum as a kid.

Humble Juice wants you to be a kid again. Berry Blow Doe provides a fresh bubblegum flavor. The sweetness of this e-juice does not disappear unless you stop vaping it. Each hit delivers a sweet and satisfying flavor that will make you crave for more.

The sweet bubblegum flavor is dominant in this blend. It is present on both the inhale and exhale. What makes this e-juice interesting are the fruit flavors in it. The blueberry flavor is more distinct on the inhale, while the raspberry comes through on the exhale. Somewhere in between, these two fruit flavors mix inside your mouth, and oh boy, they are so good together.

I love all kinds of berries, so I was excited to try this vape juice. Also, I enjoyed reading the flavor name, Berry Blow Doe. What I love about the fruits in here is that they taste natural. Anything that tastes artificial just wouldn’t pass my standards.

The vape liquid contains natural and artificial flavoring, USP propylene glycol, USP vegetable glycerin, and USP NicSelect Nicotine. The vape juice is pre-steeped for two weeks, or more so this is ready to be vaped once you receive it on your mailbox. For this review, I tried vaping it immediately and after steeping it for a few days. Based on my experience, some pre-steeped vape juices need more steeping. But whether you choose to steep this Humble Juice e-liquid again or not, the flavor is consistent throughout.

Berry Blow Doe will give you enormous clouds of vapor that do not disperse right away. This e-juice is a blend of 80% vegetable glycerin and 20% propylene glycol ratio. And did I mention that the vapor smell good? I had to answer a lot of people each time they asked: “What’s your juice?”

Using a 3mg nicotine level, the throat hit is mild in intensity. I did not experience any burning or coughing sensations at all. Indeed, Berry Blow Doe will give you a satisfying vape experience. You can also get this vape juice with 0mg or 6mg of nicotine.

Ready to give this e-juice a try? Head over to the Humble Juice now and get a 120mL bottle for as low as $24.99. You got that right, that’s only about 0.21 cents per mL. How affordable can this premium e-liquid be?

Not in the mood for a bubblegum vape juice? Don’t worry, Humble Juiice has other interesting blends in its collection.

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