3 Tips to Store Your Vape Juices In A Better Way.

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Most of us are frequently perplexed as to how to store e-juices properly. Are you one of them as well? Without a doubt, how we store our disposable vape significantly impacts the shelf life of our e-juices. But don’t worry. I’ve got you covered.

Here are a few pointers to help you store e-juices properly so that they last as long as possible.

Keep your e-liquid away from heat.

If you intend to keep your vape juices for an extended period of time, keep them away from heat. It is important to note that simply shielding the e-liquid from UV rays will not suffice. Instead, you must also protect it from heat.

This could be because storing an e-liquid for an extended period of time in the sun can have drastic effects on the liquid’s components. Although the e-liquid does not vaporize immediately or until it reaches 300 degrees Fahrenheit, it can become runny and unstable as soon as it touches 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Let’s look at a few chemical reactions that occur to understand this better. When a liquid heats up, the molecules gain energy and begin to interact with one another. They may also disintegrate further into smaller elements. As a result, exposing the e-liquid to a lot of heat can alter the liquid’s flavor elements, changing the e-liquid’s taste.


Keep it away from light and air.

The next critical step in e-liquid storage is to keep them away from air and light. This is due to the fact that light and air oxidize the nicotine in the e-liquid, changing its color. Cotinine is formed when nicotine oxidizes. UV rays catalyze the oxidation process and increase cotinine production by providing the energy required for this process.

The more the e-liquid oxidizes, the less nicotine is left in it. Although this has no effect on the chemical properties of the e-liquid, it does harm the flavor and causes it to degrade much faster.

Certain flavors, such as coffee, chocolate, and tobacco flavors, can even change color to a darker shade due to the oxidation process. Even if you fill the e-liquid to the brim, some oxygen will get trapped inside and cause the e-liquid to oxidize. However, by keeping it away from light, you can reduce the effects of the process. As a result, it is strongly advised to keep the e-liquid away from light and airtight.

Do not leave them for long in your mailbox or vehicle.

Mailboxes, vehicles, or any enclosed metal space that acts as a solar oven. The temperature difference between the outside and inside of these objects can be as much as 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Leaving your e-liquid in such places is equivalent to leaving it in an oven for about 15 minutes.

Leaving your e-liquid in a metal-enclosed space will turn it into a bottle of molten smudge instead of a syrupy, luscious vegetable glycerin e-liquid. It will then only be used as an air freshener. As a result, if you need good e-juice storage ideas, keep it away from light, air, and heat.

With this information, you now know some DON’Ts for getting the most out of your vape juice. If you’re looking for high-quality vaping devices, don’t miss Aaokvape’s incredible selection of vape products.


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